Telcos need to collaborate for improved services

Many of the most lucrative 5G and Edge services enterprises are looking to establish require cross network abilities and massive network reach. connected cars, rich AR experiences on the go and advanced industry 4.0, no telco can offer these experiences alone.

multi party

5G & Edge use cases require multiple connectivity and compute resources from multiple partners for coverage and quality​. ClearX’s decentralized marketplace allows Telcos the needed visibility to compose multi-party, QoS guaranteed connectivity and compute on-demand. Dynamically partner with other providers, reducing the time it takes to quote and deliver services to enterprise customers.

Composable & aligned

Different products from different providers need to be composed into bundled offerings, requiring data model alignment and a unified order to settlement process​
“ClearX’s solution can allow us the tools to create a cloud-like experience, but with infrastructure from multiple telcos. This is unheard of”
Sherif Bakir
CEO of Vodafone Roaming Services