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The Privacy Challenge

In today’s digital world, companies still manage their contracts separately in order to avoid exposing contract details and commercial data to 3rd party providers.

This siloed structure creates disputes over data discrepancies and long payment cycles, while keeping it manual allows fraud to slip in through the cracks.

Telecom Partners Testimonials

“The second iteration of the PoC signals the future of telecoms, whereby previously intensive manual practices can be securely automated in order to allow businesses such as Colt to invest resources into driving both our and our customer's businesses forward.”

Carl Grivner CEO of Colt

“Through our collaboration with Colt and Clear we are eager to demonstrate how the many potential uses of blockchain across our industry can deliver exponential value by improving the ways in which we interoperate.”

Marc Halbfinger CEO of PCCW Global and Chairman of GLF

“It was essential to establish that blockchain-powered settlement of international voice transactions could be done on a multi-lateral basis and in a secure environment that is able to handle the fast pace of transactions between operators.”

Orange International Spokesperson

“We are delighted to be part of this pioneering proof of concept to explore how blockchain can bring increased efficiency, productivity, scalability and security to wholesale telecommunications transactions.”

Telstra international sales and service executive Oliver Camplin Warner

Frictionless Business

Clear uses enterprise-grade blockchain technologies and programmable smart contracts to automate B2B trade.

Greater Efficiency, Lower Costs

Automating previously manual processes significantly reduces costs associated with human labor, disputes, delayed payments and fraud

Flexible Go To Market

Industry-shared networks enable easier enterprise collaborations and enhance the delivery of new revenue-generating products and services

Secure & Private

Clear's decentralized networks allow companies to manage their contracts in a shared environment while maintaining control over their data

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