Decentralized Marketplaces

Data Services

Move beyond traditional connectivity-service models with ClearX. Seamlessly deliver and monetize flexible, high-performance bundled data services from core to edge.
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Mobile Roaming

Manage, analyze and settle roaming agreements in minutes. With ClearX, you can capitalize on new 5G and IoT revenue opportunities sooner and transition smoothly to the BCE roaming market.
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Media & Content

Manage content distribution, bill-on-behalf and commercial licensing agreements. Validate and monetize any type of content-based transaction with accuracy, real-time speed and security.

Create more value faster with automation

Expedite time to market and time to revenue of new offerings by seamlessly bundling and selling of complex multi-industry products using blockchain-based private decentralized marketplaces.
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Instantly validate and monetize any type of transaction

With ClearX’s blockchain-based order to cash automation, companies in every industry can move from service creation to settlement with accuracy and speed, creating trust and security in complex supply chains and wholesale ecosystems.
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Maximize blockchain investment with a proven, flexible solution

ClearX is flexible, interoperable and DLT-agnostic, giving companies maximal freedom in their use of blockchain technology. The world’s largest wholesale telecom marketplace is built on top of ClearX.
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“ClearX’s solution is a solid demonstration of Blockchain’s benefits, and we’re delighted to be working with ClearX and all our industry partners to grow this ecosystem and build a global network at scale.”
Sherif Bakir
CEO of Vodafone Roaming Services