Clear is excited to announce its $13M Series A Investment Round!

The Enterprise
Trust Challenge

The Need for a Shared Business Logic

Even in today’s digital world, companies still manage their contracts separately in order to avoid exposing contract details and commercial data to 3rd party providers.

This siloed structure creates disputes over data discrepancies and long payment cycles, while keeping it manual allows fraud to slip in through the cracks. All, preventing companies from effectively monetising new services, costing money and delaying product delivery.

To allow companies to thrive in an on-demand connected world, a next-generation platform capable of handling multiple products, with multiple partners at any time is a must.


Clear uses enterprise-grade
blockchain technologies and programmable
smart contracts to
automate B2B trade, using
contracts as API endpoints for
maximum product flexibility

Greater Efficiency, Lower Costs

The full end to end settlements made possible by both parties sharing the same business logic, allows automating previously manual processes significantly reducing costs associated with human labor, disputes, delayed payments and fraud.

Flexible Go To Market

Industry-shared networks, a programmable business and contracts layer, enables easier enterprise collaborations and enhance the delivery of new revenue-generating products and services. Easy smart contract setup and execution allows any business model to be supported and amended as needed - empowering bundling & rev-share models for on-demand services.

Secure & Private

Clear's decentralised networks allow companies to manage their contracts in a shared environment while maintaining control over their data. Clear is using advanced cryptography and innovative models to allow network enforcement and validation while adhering to the most strict enterprises privacy restrictions and security requirements.

We are cool !

Clear has been recognized as a Cool Vendor in the May edition of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Blockchain Business report. This recognition stems from our constant aspiration to lead our ecosystem with the most advanced and innovative use of distributed ledger technology in enterprise commerce and contract management.

Gartner subscribers can access the full report here.

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