Scale services with decentralized marketplaces

Participate in multiple marketplaces

Join multiple existing marketplaces or co-create new ones with your cross-product and across partners, to seamlessly offer on-demand services or bundle, sell and monetize complex multi-party products faster.

Create new partnerships

Build cross-industry partnerships and create new services and business models in a blockchain-enabled environment of trust, privacy, security, and traceability that reduces friction and enables faster monetization.

Future-proof your business

Protect your business against commoditization by platforms by enabling new business models, new products and new revenue streams, and conducting business on the marketplaces of your choice.

Zero touch commercials

Companies use ClearX’s OTC automation to manage their contracts, reconcile with partners on the network, settle, and pay - all in a fast, automated process that reduces friction and expedites reconciliation and settlements for advanced business models.

Wholesale service repository

Create, publish and match multiple product catalogs in multiple marketplaces and swiftly sell, buy or bundle services on-demand.

Contract management

Improve contract management and monetization with shared smart contracts that support complex charging models and offer real-time visibility.

Reconciliation workflow

Quickly identify and reconcile discrepancies with ClearX’s autonomous workflows that compares all data, calculates balances, and flags conflicts.


Make settlements smooth and painless with a simple offer-amend-agree model that enables on-platform negotiation of disputes.


Invoice and pay automatically or at your discretion through integration with pre-existing systems or by using Clear’s advanced stablecoin solution.

Future-proof your business

ClearX allows businesses to leverage the power of Blockchain-based contract management and order-to-cash automation using the infrastructure of their choice.

Blockchain technology

Harness the power of the blockchain to create an environment of trust, privacy, security, and traceability. Validate and monetize any type of transaction with accuracy, speed, security and no disputes.

Flexible & Interoperable

Connect to multiple projects and marketplaces with ClearX’s open and flexible platform. ClearX can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise and easily integrates with your current wholesale systems and financial stack.

DLT Agnostic

Seamlessly migrate between DLTs or use multiple DLTs across supply chains and wholesale networks with ClearX’s ledger-agnostic framework with open APIs & SDKs.

Enterprise grade

Fully adhere to security, privacy and compliance enterprise technology standards, including SOC-2, SSO, advanced user management and permissioning, and a scalable, private enterprise grade infrastructure.