Roaming requires radical innovation

Roaming revenues are down due to policy changes and changing global travel patterns. Alongside that, new 5G and IoT revenue opportunities require flexibility and seamless collaboration with an ecosystem of partners. But for most MNO service providers, roaming agreement reconciliation is still a complex, costly manual process that often results in late revenue recognition and write-offs, and leaves no room for growth and innovation in business models.

The world’s largest wholesale roaming marketplace

MNO service providers such as Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone use ClearX’s automated roaming marketplace to dramatically speed up settlement and reconciliation of IOT (Inter Operator Tariff) agreements. The roaming marketplace serves as a single source of truth for over 20 large operators in the network, accounting for 20% of the global roaming market.

Roaming agreements in minutes

ClearX MNO users can transact seamlessly with an ecosystem of partners, simplifying work processes, saving long reconciliation cycles, and allowing EOY agreements to be resolved monthly. ClearX’s solution paves the way for new IoT roaming services and facilitates transition to the BCE roaming market by enabling all roaming agreements to be viewed and negotiated together.
“ClearX’s solution is a solid demonstration of Blockchain’s benefits, and we’re delighted to be working with ClearX and all our industry partners to grow this ecosystem and build a global network at scale.”
Sherif Bakir
CEO of Vodafone Roaming Services