Integrations to marketplaces & partners

Quickly integrate with multiple channel partners, accelerating time-to-market and allowing you to sell through a greater number of partners, improving market reach and monetization.

Dynamic pricing & business models

Enable advanced business & discount models suitable to high frequency usage, microtransactions, and real time demand without replacing your existing BSS/OSS stack.

Future-proof your business

ClearX unlocks businesses to leverage the power of Blockchain-based contract management and order-to-cash automation using the infrastructure of their choice.

Easy exposure to marketplaces

Expose any API to aggregators, cloud marketplaces or your own developer portal. Use the CAL’s transformation gateway to interact and comply with any supported standard.

Automated inventory, federated catalog

Manage your inventory in real time with resource earmarking and instance reservation. Create bundled product offerings using partner inventories, with real time interoperability based on an opt-in configuration.

Fully automated settlement

CAL harnesses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to settle transactions of any level of complexity quickly and accurately, applying advanced business & discount models. Accurately attribute revenue from federated products and rev-share agreements between multiple partners.

Guaranteed privacy & security

Fully adhere to security, privacy, and compliance enterprise technology standards, including SOC-2, SSO, advanced user management and permissions, and a scalable, private enterprise-grade infrastructure. Maintain business information confidential with decentralization - not even ClearX can see it.
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John E. Johnson
CTO, Telefonica