Roaming Agreements

Roaming is a core product for mobile operators for decades and its wholesale operations has been standardised through time, but remained cumbersome and error prone. Clear is enabling automated contract settlement & reconciliation for roaming agreements between operators, simplifying work processes, saving long reconciliation cycles and paving the way for new IoT roaming services to become a reality.

Clear's Roaming agreements application includes support of up to 95% of existing discount models and the power to easily adapt to novel niche models as well.

Working with telecom giants such as Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone, Clear has successfully deployed a fully functioning MVP roaming reconciliation solution for IOT (Inter Operator Tariff) agreements in May 2020. Since, Clear has successfully expended adoption and currently operates a network of over 14 large operators using the Roaming application.

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Clear has set out to unleash the full potential of 5G, edge computing & network virtualisation with commercial frameworks for real-time quoting, ordering, invoicing and payment features. These support the dynamic nature of the capabilities of new technologies offering an end-to-end autonomous solution.

Carriers Connectivity
Clear is optimising Fixed Line services agreements between carriers, matching massive service repositories as a first step in the automation of all trade processes for carriers.

Cloud Reselling
The global trend of telco and cloud reselling agreements receive full support on Clear's platform, supporting on demand reselling, bundling and rev-share models.

Rights Management

Leveraging Blockchain immutability to manage content distribution and commercial licensing agreements. Clear's platform will support Telcos relationships with leading content providers.