Agreements Interface

Create, Agree, Go

Build, edit and amend contracts that incorporate the relevant information for each deal (general contract details, product rates, discount models etc). Once the contract is approved by both parties, it is stored on Clear’s private channels and could start processing the ongoing commercial data logs - accessible and viewable by the participating parties only.

Analysis & Reconciliation

Compare, Detect, Resolve

Clear’s smart contracts provide commercial data logs analysis, early discrepancy detection and root cause analysis to help prevent most disputes from happening. In the case of disputes, counterparts receive the unmatched data logs for manual discrepancy comparison, as well as auto-enforced ‘’raise, accept and offer’’ dispute resolutions.


Instant Payments

Clear integrates with legacy payment solutions via APIs, connecting all payment solutions to the network for automatic settlement. Furthermore, Clear has pioneered an enterprise-grade payment network over a closed network which diminishes transactions fees and transfer times.