Senior Software Engineer

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We are looking for a superhero Software Engineer with team spirit and self-learning abilities, passionate by all aspects of development, from architecture, design and development up to deployment and production. Join our talented team and be part of a big mission.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build a definitive blockchain solution, creating proprietary modules on top of a variety of open source platforms.
  • Build smart contracts and zero-knowledge proofs that will run on the Clear platform.
  • Research and devise new technologies and develop them to production-readiness.
  • Set up environments in the cloud and create tools for automating these processes.
  • Communicate and integrate with enterprise customers and third parties.
  • Get involved in all stages of product development: requirements, architecture, design, coding, testing and deployment.
  • Help create a positive, friendly atmosphere with top-notch people.

Skills and Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience developing server-side production-grade software.
  • Expertise in multiple high-level programming languages (e.g. Go, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, C#).
  • Experience with mission-critical production systems where every bug has serious business implications.
  • Experience with anything DevOps (e.g. Nginx, Docker, AWS).
  • Passion and willingness to learn a lot, work across the board and build an important product.

Nice to Have

  • Experience with blockchain technologies, smart contracts and zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Experience communicating and integrating with customers and 3rd parties.
  • Experience building product architecture on the whiteboard and in detailed documents.

We have a lot of hard problems to solve. If you'd like to make significant contributions to the blockchain ecosystem and think you are a match then we'd like to hear from you.