Customer Success

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At Clear, Customer Success is at the core of the company strategy, as engagement and adoption by our enterprise clients is the key factor for our success. The Customer Success managers will build the company practices in this field, understand customer outcomes through ongoing collection and analysis of customer feedback and turn this into onboarding and retention strategies that also feed into the product roadmap.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Being the main point of contact between the Company and a number of named enterprise accounts.
  • Establish Customer Support practices by creating policies and procedures that optimize the customer delight.
  • Understand customer outcomes by communicating with the customers and help them achieve goals using our platform. 
  • Gather feedback from customers, study other customer success programs and analyze customer feedback to identify the best practices, creating and analysing customer health metrics.
  • Gauge customers’ levels of engagement with the company and provide feedback to the other teams regarding product and service improvements.
  • Represent the voice of the customer to provide input into every product and sales process.
  • Provide technical and product support as well as providing training on our products.

Skills and Requirements

  • Ideally 3+ years of experience in Customer Success, Enterprise Account Management or another client-facing role.
  • Experience in working with complex, multi-divisional, multi-geographical enterprise customers.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to create structure in ambiguous situations and design effective processes, and ability to establish these methodologies at Clear.
  • Passion for technology and for being a part of a fast-growing enterprise company.
  • Willing to make mistakes, fast enough to learn.
  • Have, or be willing to learn, basic technical skills in system interoperability and APIs to confidently discuss technical terms.
  • Experience in fields such as Telecom, Blockchain, Finance is an advantage.