Junior Business Development

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help drive the expansion strategy in collaboration with the company leadership
  • Study opportunities in new industries, Identify prospects’ key questions and pain-points, analyze competition and market potential
  • Develop and maintain relationships with industry consortiums, leading companies and entrepreneurs in the new industries we target and the top experts in the field    
  • Assist managing the initial proof-of-concepts initiation in new industries, working closely with the companies product design team to map key business processes that should be tackled with our product    
  • Produce top-notch presentations and materials to pitch our concept to high ranking executives in multiple industries and deliver follow-up materials to answer the industry needs
  • Manage reporting to management and board on expansion to new industries

Skills and Requirements

  • Excellent English speaker- a must!
  • Experienced in strategic consulting, corporate strategy, business development or venture capital at 2+ years
  • Strong analytical skills, to use market research, sales data and  financial reports to present opportunities
  • Proven ability in communicating with top-level executives and understanding of complex enterprise environments  
  • Excellent writing skills, amazing at creating executive presentations and enterprise-grade documents.
  • A passion and understanding of the fintech landscape, cryptography or blockchain - a serious advantage :)
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