About Us

Born from a true passion for frictionless business relationships, Clear was founded in 2018 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs to remove friction in complex B2B trade and to make partnerships better. Clear has created a business environment that enables to confidentially attain true data, allowing smart B2B contracts to be created and executed automatically, thus enhancing industry efficiency and driving new revenue opportunities across global industries.

Eran Haggiag

Eran Haggiag is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Clear. He has 20+ years of experience founding and managing software-related companies in the fields of financial trading, insurance and advertising, with 5+ years in the blockchain ecosystem. Previously, Eran was the CTO of Israel Direct Insurance and co-founded and served as the CEO of an algorithmic trading company. In 2014, he co-founded Meme Video, an algorithmic media tech company (acquired by TASE: Somoto), where he served as CEO for 3 years. Eran sits on the advisory board of JFrog (1B$+ valuation).

Gal Hochberg

Gal Hochberg is the co-founder and CEO of Clear. He has 15+ years of experience building and leading software companies, with 5+ years in the blockchain ecosystem. Previously, he co-founded HiredScore, an AI HR company used by Fortune 500 companies. Gal is an expert in applied cryptography, advanced mathematics and systems architecture, and has worked as an engineer and researcher in the fields of cyber-security, machine learning, big data, web applications and scalable systems and as a consultant for large global corporations.

Adi Azriel
Product Design
Adi Shacham-Shavit
EVP Engineering
Amir Feller
VP Finance
Bar Hodis
Business Development
Ben Rozenberg
Chen Roth
Gabriel Manricks
Ireen Rahl Klein
Lisa Cohen
Michael Yoffe
Nitzan Blankleder
Noa Haviv
Ortal Tubul
Ruth Lotan
VP Sales and Marketing
Roni Shani
Reut Golander
Sales Operations